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How The Field Grew the Matago Massage Brand in 2020 (Yes, 2020!)

As we emerge from the pandemic and businesses everywhere struggle to make up for lost ground, Matago, the premiere massage app, fortunately, didn’t lose ground in 2020 – it gained it and then some.

Founded in 2019, Matago is the nation’s first and only professional community of massage therapists available to travel anywhere on-demand for the service consumers want, in the place they choose, at the price they offer. In a year in which few people wanted to reach out and touch someone (or be touched by someone), the Matago app saw a spike in adoption of the app by massage therapists and potential clients alike. 

Because the business is built on a B2B and a B2C model, Matago partnered with The Field for a two-prong, tiered integrated marketing campaign. The goals were to first enlist massage therapists (or MTs, as they are more familiarly known). And, when you sign up the best MTs in the field, the consumers follow.

Beginning in the south Florida area, The Field developed strategic creative targeted to help drive MT enrollment. The campaign included: 

  • Print: The Field launched a print campaign for publication in Massage Magazine, reaching more than 200,000 massage therapists nationwide.
  • Direct mail: The Field sourced lists and crafted personalized mailers to more than 5,000 MTs.
  • Email: The Field supplemented direct mail and print with an e-mail campaign for synergy across all platforms to target MTs.
  • Partnerships: To strengthen its brand presence in the community, The Field helped Matago to partner with established and respected organizations, including Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, Apex Bodyworx, and Custom Craftworks.
  • Events: From Paws in the Park and Arti Gras to The Honda Classic PGA Tournament, event participation helped raise awareness among consumers and humanize the brand.
  • Scholarships: Matago illustrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility and investing in the future of the MT community through its inaugural $1,000 scholarship to an MT in training.
  • Paid social: Using promoted Facebook and Instagram ads, The Field helped Matago garner nearly 2.5 million impressions while also increasing its organic social media presence dramatically. 
  • Cable/broadcast TV: The Field produced Matago’s launch TV spot along with follow-up spots that aired in six initial Florida markets including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Treasure Coast, Naples, and Orlando.

The Field was able to deliver results that exceeded its MT recruitment goals by 300% while consumer adoption and use goals were exceeded by 100%

In 2021, as travel promises to return with a boom, Matago is rolling out an affiliate program for hotels to earn revenue every time a guest redeems a $10 gift card the hotel gives to guests (provided at no cost to participating hotels), as well as a vacation rental affiliate program to help property owners set their listings apart from others by offering massage as an amenity to their properties while earning revenue through the program.

2021 is off to a great start for Matago! Here at The Field, we’re excited to continue playing a crucial role in Matago’s brand development as their nationwide expansion takes off later this year. If you are looking to stand out in your field, contact The Field Marketing. We build brands.

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  1. Thanks to the entire team at The Field for your amazing, high-impact, quality work! You were, and continue to be, instrumental in the development and evolution of MATAGO. Your creativity, attention to detail, and 100% on time delivery of every project has helped MATAGO hit and exceed every goal. These days, it’s hard to find a partner that understands deadlines without sacrificing quality. You get it. Glad we’re on the same team.

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