You are currently viewing GOLD Property Tax Reduction Group sets the gold standard for property tax reduction companies in Westchester and Yonkers

GOLD Property Tax Reduction Group sets the gold standard for property tax reduction companies in Westchester and Yonkers

GOLD Property Tax Reduction Group was founded in 2018 to help Westchester homeowners grieve their property taxes.

GOLD had an ambitious growth goal and turned to The Field Marketing to develop advertising and marketing strategies that would help their business grow quickly in Westchester. The Field team did a deep dive into the category, researching both the market and the competition. Theresa Cuttitta, VP, Account Services at The Field emphasized, “As a new player in the Tax Reduction game, it was important for GOLD to first focus on establishing consumer awareness of their brand”. Capitalizing on the company name, The Field developed a campaign that featured the color gold on all communications to create a visual tie to the name of the company and foster brand awareness.

A series of direct mail offerings leading up to the deadline for application were mailed to a verified target demographic. Creative messaging on the initial mailings offered a discount for early application and as the actual deadline got closer, the messages became more urgent,  such as “Don’t wait”, “Last chance”, and “Act now”.

The direct mail campaign was supported by local print, email, and social media with corresponding creative. This integrated approach with numerous touch points proved to be very successful, generating results well beyond client expectations.

In 2019, tax grievance filings in Yonkers were up 42%. GOLD Property Tax Reduction Group has quickly become the fastest growing property tax grievance filer in the market. And in just two years GOLD has climbed to the #2 spot among established competitors in the highly competitive Yonkers market. In Westchester County, GOLD has increased their grievance applications by 20% year over year.

“Our growth and position in such a short period are nothing short of amazing.” said Melissa Goldenberg, CEO of GOLD Property Tax Reduction Group. “The Field Marketing delivered.”

GOLD Property Tax Reduction Group definitely stands out in the field of tax grievance companies. If you are looking to stand out in your field, contact The Field Marketing. We build brands.

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