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What to Know Before You Begin a Rebrand

Many companies for one reason or another decide to rebrand their company. But what are the things you ABSOLUTELY need to know before you proceed. Here are the top 5.

  1. Know what’s driving the rebrand. Are you due for a new fresh look? Are you transforming your business due to a new product, service, or market? Or maybe you’ve experienced a crisis and want to leave your former self in the dust. Knowing the reason why will help determine how you should refine or reposition your brand to get in front of the right audience.
  2. Make sure your new branding tells your brand story…even if it’s just a new look. Your brand is what customers say it is and becomes the shared perception amongst your market segments. A new look and logo are nice, but you need to live your brand in everything you do and say. That is why consistency is key in all your marketing components – advertising, communications, website, social media, etc. In addition to being instilled in your team members/employees.
  3. Develop a roll-out plan. Who are you going to communicate your brand to? Clients, customers, and stakeholders? Internal team members? When how and where will you roll out your rebranding? Have a plan and strategy in place before you just start making changes to your website.
  4. Choose your rebrand partner wisely. Experience. Anyone can do graphic design but not anyone can create a brand. From rebranding an existing brand to developing a new one, make sure you work with a team of professionals that you can count on and are dedicated to your brand objectives.
  5. Consider your budget before getting started. It’s not just the cost of creating the new look and story. There are a lot of costs in execution. Creative, design, and planning a strategy have costs associated with them. Media, printing, digital assets, stationery, and web development must all be included in planning your budget.  There are a lot of moving pieces and costs involved but a successful rebrand can be rewarding when done right.

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